Oriental Noodles

Noodles LondonNoodles London

Oriental noodles are traditionally the poor mans food in China and Japan.

Noodles are made from wheat, rice or bean flour and depending on the style, have other flavourings & ingredients in them.

Wagamamas has popularised the noodle in Britain, either stir fried or in soups.

Noodles make a very good value tasty meal.

Noodles - udon - soba - japanese foods 



Our range of Noodles:

  • Udon noodles
  • Glass vermicelli rice noodles
  • Soba noodles – buck wheat
  • Organic Cha  (tea) soba noodles
  • Ramen noodles – for soup
  • Somen noodles
  • Tea noodles
  • Shanghai noodles
  • Jindao Singapore noodles
  • Chinese egg noodles

  • Won ton wrappers
  • Fortune cookies
  • Pancakes for peking duck