Hire a sushi chef

Sushi ChefHire Sushi Chef London

Our chefs will amaze you as they demonstrate making fresh sushi for your clients, friends or at a function.

It is so impressive to have your guests choosing their freshly made 

sushi and chatting with the chefs.

This is really popular, everyone loves it and the sushi and sashimi is so good!

We can also cater for Nobu style cooked dinners up to 30 people in your home. 

The chef will prepare your menu, in your kitchen!

New style sashimi  • Tempura  •  Miso black cod  •  Tuna tataki

"Your chefs were very professional, very knowledgeable and used very high quality ingredients...we loved them"


Our sushi chefs can also come and teach you to make sushi, with our sushi lessons.

This is fun for corporate team building events, learning more about sushi and Hen parties!

The sushichefs are very entertaning  and we also provide you with an e-book on the 

basics of sushi, plus we leave loads of sushi for you to eat later..you can take your own hand made sushi home with you

For the serious sushi lover we also allow you to come and spend a day learning to cook and make sushi alongside the chefs in out kitchens

Meet our sushi chefs on  Facebook 

We can cater for up to 1000 people and we can travel to wherever you are.

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